How to get them to do their chores with the Vintage Rocks Chore Door!

Have you ever wished that you could motivate your family to muck in around the house more?  You find yourself nagging and nagging to get them to do their chores until finally, you just do it yourself?

I think I may have come up with a solution!  A CHORE DOOR!

A hook for each member of the family and little tags with a description of the chore written on the front and a small prize (say 20p) written on the back, which can be allocated to the appropriate person.

And this is how I created it …

I’d had this salvaged door in my workshop for a few months, saving it for a rainy day.


get them to do their chores

Salvaged, solid pine door

It’s a very old pine door, full of character and rusticness (iPhone says this isn’t a word but I think it describes it perfectly).

Whilst waiting for pieces of painted furniture to dry, I would use up the paint that was on my brush by literally dabbing it and wiping it onto the wood of the door. Building up layers of various colours (see below), scraping some away, slapping thick blobs on (technical phrase!).

I also daubed some Vintage Rocks Crack Me Up! Crackle Glaze on there too. As you’ll see, this added to the “rusticness” and gave a washed up kind of look.

I popped down to the local DIY shop, Light Fantastic, and bought 8 little hooks for 3p each and screwed them in just eyeballing whereabouts they should go.  6 for each member of the family, one for jobs “to-do” and one for jobs “done”

Next came the names, I toyed with the idea of decoupage, image transfer and stencilling but got too impatient and wrote them on freehand with a grey sharpie.

The little luggage tags I already had as I use them to price furniture.

All that was left was to think of some jobs that needed dishing out, wrote them onto the tags and hooked them up.

The idea is that I keep a selection of chore tags on the “to-do” hook and when it needs doing I will move it onto someone’s hook.  Once the chore has been completed they can move it onto the “done” hook and collect the prize that’s written on the back of the tag.

So now I’m dreaming of an immaculate house with kids helping out with happy little smiles on their faces! I won’t hold my breath but at least it looks good propped up in the corner of my, slightly cluttered, living room!



The following colours were used in this project:

If you’d like to try making this project yourself, you can buy the products HERE or if you’ve got any other ideas on how to motivate family members to do more then pleeeeaaaasssseeee let me know!!!


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