How to create a linen paint effect (with puppy love!)

Here’s a little video tutorial showing how to create a linen paint effect.

I’m trying to get into the habit of making regular videos such as tutorials and the odd vlog here and there.

I booked myself a session with an acting coach because I felt that I needed a little guidance with my presenting skills.  It worked wonders. I’m still developing my “on camera” style but what really helped was Rosie saying to me  “just make loads of videos. You’ll get better and better”. So that’s what I’m trying to do.

Whilst filming this tutorial, I was already having a stressful day and Otis Cooper was trying his best to cheer me up, bless him!

I was so irritated at the time, my blood pressure was rising and I felt completely hopeless!!

Anyway, sticking to my mantra of “strive for progress, not perfection”.  Here’s the video. Hopefully my frustrating afternoon’s filming has turned out to be quite entertaining and there is a bit of “how to” in there too!

How to create a linen paint effect

Using a cross-hatch stroke, with multiple colours, creates this textured, linen effect.  

It’s important that you direct the paint in horizontal and vertical lines, ensuring that each coat is fully dry before you move on to the next one .

This look can be created with just two colours but, if you have more colours to hand, then go for it. More shades will add depth and texture with varying shades and contrast.

Experiment with vertical lines too.  Don’t forget that Vintage Rocks paint is really versatile and if you don’t like the look then it’s easy to re-do; it’s just paint after all!

We love to see your projects and would be particularly interested if you’ve decided to give this technique a go.  Visit our Facebook Group Vintage Rocks Inspiration to post your “before and after” photos or pick up some tips from other members.