Creating a blackboard style sign 

This is going to be a super quick blog. I want to get in the habit of just diarising things rather agonising about what to write and not getting anywhere fast!

On Sunday, we’ll be showcasing our furniture and paint at Taurus Crafts in Lydney, Gloucestershire. As usual, I decided to do it last minute and I’m now panicking about how our stall will look and am I organised enough … Not to mention the forecast of torrential rain … I want to cry!

But instead of melting into a useless ball of blub, I decided to crack on today and make the sign that will hang from the top of the market style stall.



I wanted it to look hand-made, vintage-ee but kind of modern and sleek at the same time (like I needed that sort of pressure!)

Looking around my “not started yet” department, I saw something that looked roughly the right size. A gaudy, 3/4 length, gold framed mirror; God knows why I bought it … Oh yeah to make a sign! Who knew!

I sprayed it with blackboard paint … 




Then, I printed off the design that I had created in Photoshop and placed it on the mirror to check the size …



Once I had figured out the layout, I placed carbon paper underneath the printout and used masking tape to keep it in place …



I then traced over every single bit. I thought back to primary school and felt thankful for the practice; it’s funny what you don’t think you’ll need to know and then do … 30 years later!


It took a while … Da-dah!



Now for some colouring in, I tried my best not to go out of the lines …



This took even longer.

Finally …




I’m so glad that I like it otherwise I would have been up til 2am starting again… Phew 🙂

Just need to get the other half to fix a chain and we’re ready to go.

See you Sunday, 10am – 4pm at Taurus Crafts

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