FAQs you’ve been dying to know the answer to …

Do I need to sand or prime before I use Vintage Rocks Furniture Paint?

There’s rarely a need to sand or prime your pieces before you start to paint.  Most of the time, a simple clean with a baby wipe will be all that you need to do.

There may be times, however, when you’ll need to sand to remove loose paint, rust, and other surface debris, or when the surface is glossy or made of melamine or laminate. Use medium to fine grit sandpaper and remember to change it out when it becomes clogged; a fresh sheet makes the task at hand easier to accomplish.

How should I apply the paint?

However you like! We like to give a bit of texture to the first coat so that subsequent coats have better coverage.  If you like texture then stick to random brush strokes and leave the lid off for an hour or so to thicken the paint.  If you like a smoother finish then make sure that you use even brush strokes and lay the paint on your last coat (a single brush stroke along the entire length of your piece).  Feel free to water down the paint for an extra smooth finish.  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s only paint after all!

If you want a bit of 1:1 guidance then you would find our workshops invaluable or if you’d rather learn from the comfort of your own home then check out these video tutorials.

What type of brush should I use?

It really depends on what look you’d like to achieve. We have brushes for a smooth finish, brushes for a textured finished, dry and wax brushes.

How long does it take to dry?

It depends on environmental factors but, as a rule of thumb, about 15-30 minutes between coats.  Basically, if it looks and feels dry then it is and you can crack on with your next coat.

How many coats?

Every piece is different.  It depends on the type of wood, the colour of the wood, the colour of the paint and the look you’re trying to achieve.  That doesn’t help much does it?! Ok, ok … about 2 to 3 and a half coats!

What about distressing?

If you’re going for a distressed look then you can rub back some of the edges with a baby wipe or if you need to take off more paint then use a sanding block.  It’s important that you do this step BEFORE waxing as the purpose of the wax is to keep the paint on the furniture!

What should I seal the paint with?

As the paint has such a flat finish you will want to seal it with something to prevent scratches.  We recommend our Buzz Wax or Finishing Cream which comes in a choice of matt or gloss.

How many colours are there in the range?

15 colours that compliment each other gorgeously.  It’s best not to rely on how the colours look on your screen though so we recommend that you order a Colour Chart or 100ml sample pot or buy a complete set of samples

2018 will see our colour range more than doubled so keep your eyes peeled!

How can I buy Vintage Rocks products?

By clicking HERE or by visiting your local stockists.  Search for your nearest by clicking HERE

 What forms of payment do you take?

Paypal or all major credit/debit cards or the good ol’ fashioned folding stuff.

Do you deliver?

Yup … if you order paint or other paint related products online then expect to receive your goods within 1-3 days or slightly longer if it’s a large stockist order.

What is your returns policy?

Unopened paint items can be returned to us at your expense up to 28 days of purchase, no questions asked. If you’ve already opened your product and changed your mind then that’s ok too but we would just ask that we get it back within 14 days please. Damaged or faulty goods we will refund or replace at our cost. Products made or painted specifically for you on order (bespoke items) are non-returnable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

How do I know that you have received my order?

You will receive an automated email when you order has been received an another when it has been dispatched.

I’m not sure where to start. Can you show me?

Why don’t you book a “Paint your Own” workshop or check out our Video Tutorials (more coming over the next few months)

How should I clean my brushes?

Our paint and lacquer are water based products so a simple rinse under the tap will be fine.  If you’ve left it a bit long and the paint has started to dry then just use a little washing up liquid and swirl the brush in the palm of your hand.

After using wax you will need to clean with white spirits.  The easiest way is to place your brush in a jar containing white spirits for a couple of hours and then rinse with water.

How do I care for my waxed furniture?

Once painted and finished with wax allow your piece to semi-cure (24 hours) before placing any items that may scratch the surface.  Your wax will not fully cure for about 4 weeks so be extra careful during this time. Avoid excessive water.  Use coasters under water glasses and place mats on dining tables.  Clean with a soft cloth and avoid furniture polishes.  To clean marks or stains, use a slightly damp cloth or chamois with a bit of mild soap.  Avoid extreme temperatures or humidity.

What if I don’t want to use wax?

Simples.  Use our Finishing Cream instead.

I paint furniture for a living.  Do I get a discount?

Oh go on then! Just send us an Email with details of your website or Facebook page and we’ll give you your very own discount code to use at checkout.

Can I stock your paint in my shop?

We would be absolutely delighted if you became one of our stockists.  Here’s some more info but feel free to contact us you need any questions answered before applying.

Where is your paint made?

An amazing factory in Gloucestershire makes our chalky base and colours are mixed in-house and VR HQ.

What are the ingredients of your paint?

That’s our secret!!! All you need to know is that our paint is made with extremely high quality products and a very low amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which makes it environmentally friendly and easy on the nose!

Is Vintage Rocks paint safe to use around children and animals?

It sure is.  They can even try it if you like (children, not pets). Because our paint is low in VOCs, contains no other nasties and is pretty much odourless then it’s really safe to use around the home.

Can’t you just paint it for me?

Of course.  We realise that not everyone loves painting us much as we do.  Click here for more information about commissioning us.

Can I buy ready painted furniture?

Yes, we sometimes sell some of the items that we have painted whilst making a tutorial. You can view anything we may have for sale in Our Store

How can I join the Vintage Rocks community?

For inspiration, tips and tricks or just a nose at what our other customers are getting up to then ask to joined our closed Facebook group Vintage Rocks Inspiration

What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?

We’re happy to answer any queries you have.  Whether it’s about buying, using or caring for our products. Feel free to send us a message via our website or Facebook page