How to wax over chalk paint (without the headache)

You know that moment when you’ve got a couple of coats of chalk paint onto your upcycled piece of furniture that you’re lovingly restoring and then you reach that time you dread?  There’s nothing to worry about.  You just need to know how to wax over chalk paint.




But why do we loathe this step so much?  

Is it because as soon as we pop the lid, the toxic smell starts to penetrate the air (and your nostrils) and despite opening all of the doors and windows you still end up with a muzzy head or, worst still, a migraine?

Maybe it’s because the wax goes on in lumps and you never quite feel that you’re getting the nice even coverage that you long for.  It’s such a shame to spoil your lovely painted surface by globbing thick wax over it that leaves streaks and fingerprints right?

We’ve upcycled A LADDA furniture in our time and we were getting to the end of our tether.  It didn’t seem right to be using natural paints and then smothering it with a solvent-infused product that was toxic enough to get Snoop Dogg high!


But now you can get another kind of BUZZ …


How to wax over chalk paint


How to wax over chalk paint

We teamed up with a local couple who keep honey bees in the Forest of Dean.  

Layla has come up with the perfect recipe.  It is made with 100% natural ingredients, using beeswax sourced from a colony of Forest of Dean Apis Mellifera bees. It seals your painted finish and helps protect it from scratches, fingerprints and watermarks. It’s simple to apply and will deepen the colour of the paint, leaving a matt finish. If you prefer, the wax can be buffed later to create a glossier look.

And the best bit is that it has a  mellow honey scent which is a joy to get up your nostrils and NO MORE MIGRAINES!!

Vintage Rocks Buzz Wax is getting GREAT REVIEWS and our customers are finding their own unique application techniques but we’ve put together a quick guideline below to help you on your way.

Once your painted piece is fully dry, apply gently in soft, even strokes using either a brush or lint-free cloth (an old t-shirt works well). Ensure that all surface areas have a smooth and uniform coat of Buzz Wax. Wait 24 hours if you wish to buff to a sheen.



So now you know how to wax over chalk paint without the headache, 

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