certain things catch your eye but only pursue those that capture your heart

The day started out dreary, grey clouds allowing only a glimpse of sunlight and cooling the temperature to 21 degrees. Walking to Alcudia Old Town seemed like a good option; I was looking for some Mallorquien painting inspiration and it was a nice break from the searing sun that we had been accustomed to for the last 5 days.

As we walked the couple of kilometres into town, the clouds began to break and the crowds started to accumulate… Unbeknownst to us, it was market day which brought with it crowded streets and standing-only-room buses!

Ordinarily, a market place, bustling with people would sound appealing but as the sun became more intense the claustrophobia started to set in.

Some of the architecture was amazing but the new world has definitely started to influence the old town; rustic painted shutters in vibrant colours are being replaced by black or grey aluminium ones, showing no sense of the character they used to possess. Market stalls, filled with mass produced products rather than the quaint, hand-made items that I was anticipating.

Looking through the masses, I did spot some really interesting colours, textures and ideas that I’d like to try and recreate at Vintage Rocks, something to look forward to when I get back to reality 🙂

20140615-100511 pm-79511917.jpg

20140615-100514 pm-79514216.jpg

20140615-100515 pm-79515757.jpg

20140615-100509 pm-79509956.jpg

20140615-100513 pm-79513536.jpg

20140615-100510 pm-79510836.jpg

20140615-100514 pm-79514747.jpg

20140615-100512 pm-79512739.jpg

20140615-100517 pm-79517431.jpg

20140615-100516 pm-79516422.jpg

20140615-100515 pm-79515319.jpg

20140615-100518 pm-79518887.jpg

20140615-100509 pm-79509169.jpg

20140615-100519 pm-79519665.jpg

20140615-100518 pm-79518262.jpg

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