Vintage Rocks | A round-up of our products

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We consider ourselves the funkiest paint company around. We have taken a lot of time designing our branding , our stockist support and our unique formula paint and products. We will not be beaten on the fun factor!

A round-up of our products …


15 colours of gorgeousness in our Original Collection and our, brand new, Artisan Collection (chosen by our stockists) in development with 9 colours already launched and another 6 on the way.

Our paint is made with our own unique formula to maximise adhesion, a smooth silky finish in 1 or 2 coats, in colours that are bold, fun and pretty. We wanted to tick every box!

Available in 100ml sample pots and 1 litre tins with 500ml tins coming very soon.

Enivornmentally friendly, our paint is low in VOCs (contains no nasties), is pretty much odourless, making it safe to use around children and pets.



Liquid Kohl is one of the most versatile products in the Vintage Rocks range. The formula is slightly different to our normal chalky paint. It’s more fluid, making it ultra flat, for a clean, crisp look and is highly pigmented, giving a solid tone.

Use Liquid Kohl as an additive to Vintage Rocks Chalky Paint to mix your own custom colours.

At the moment, Liquid Kohl is only available in Blackout, a pitch black, but new variations will be coming soon


Finishing Cream can be used in conjunction with our chalk paint as an alternative to waxing. Finishing Cream is a water based product which dries in 30 minutes to leave a hardwearing and durable finish & is resistant to water stains. Perfect for use on furniture, floors and external projects. Available in two different finishes, matt and gloss, it comes in a 500ml bottle.

It is also much more than a sealer – it boasts a number of uses. Why buy several products when one can do it all?

  • Perfect for stain blocking when your furniture has problematic bleed-through areas – simply brush 1 or 2 coats of Finishing Cream and carry on painting.
  • Works as a great primer if your surface is particularly shiny, has broken varnish areas or has knots in the wood
  • It is the go-to product for decoupage; the perfect consistency and is not sticky to touch which makes applying fragile napkins easy, without tearing. Simply use a soft brush to apply and add another coat when your project is dry, to protect it.
  • Finishing Cream is also perfect for image transfer projects.


Vintage Rocks Buzz Wax is made with 100% natural ingredients, using beeswax sourced from a colony of Forest of Dean Apis Mellifera bees. It seals your painted finish and helps protect it from scratches, fingerprints and watermarks.

Waxing Brush Buzz Wax is simple to apply and will deepen the colour of the paint, leaving a matt finish. If you prefer, the wax can be buffed later to create a glossier look. The subtle honey scent is a refreshing change to the normally harsh odour you get from furniture waxes that contain solvents like mineral spirits or turpentine.


Add interest and texture to your product with Vintage Rocks Crack Me Up! Choose two contrasting colours of Vintage Rocks paint. Apply the base coat (this will be the colour of the cracks) and allow to dry. Ideally, seal with Vintage Rocks Finishing Cream. Mix the crackle glaze well. Apply in one direction and leave to dry.

Then for the exciting part … paint the second colour of Vintage Rocks paint over the top of the crackle glaze and watch the magic happen! Da-dah!



Grunge up your painted projects with Vintage Rocks Instant Decay. Sometimes the clean, vanilla look just won’t cut it and you need to get down and dirty and create a decrepit look with some aged patina. We’ve been known to dust this sooty powder onto Buzz Wax whilst it’s still wet but, as always, we urge you to experiment openly and freely. 

Vintage Rocks Instant Decay

There are no rules: stir into our Chalky Paint, mingle with Metallic Flakes, blend into Buzz Wax, or moisten with Finishing Cream. Feather-on with a brush, daub-on with a sponge or smear-on with your fingers, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Now, also available in Rust, Earth, Moon and Verdigris!



We sell a range of brushes, perfect for every painting technique … smooth, textured, dry brushed and waxing.

Texture Brush



Add some glam to your project with these sparkling gorgeous gilding flakes, available in gold, silver and bronze. Apply with PVA or Vintage Rocks Finishing Cream. Allow to go tacky and then apply with your finger or a small artist’s brush.