Instant Decay

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Available in Grunge, Rust, Earth, Moon and Verdigris


Grunge up your painted projects with Vintage Rocks Instant Decay

Sometimes the clean, vanilla look just won’t cut it and you need to get down and dirty and create a decrepit look with some aged patina.

We’ve been known to dust this wonder-working powder onto Buzz Wax whilst it’s still wet but, as always, we urge you to experiment openly and freely.

There are no rules: stir into our Chalky Paint, mingle with Metallic Flakes, blend into Buzz Wax, or moisten with Finishing Cream. Feather-on with a brush, daub-on with a sponge or smear-on with your fingers, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Grunge Powder …

Black and sooty, Grunge Powder will add low lights, definition and depth to your projects. Stipple on to wet Buzz Wax in crevices and corners or mix into the Buzz Wax or Finishing Cream, before applying, to create your own black wax or black glaze. Try adding to paint to darken the colour.

Rust Powder …

Create faux corrosion with this dark brown/orange powder that mimics weather-beaten metal. Works best, sprinkled onto wet Buzz Wax, leave to set and then brush the excess away. Can be added to paint to alter the colour too. 

earth Powder …

A dark brown, fine powder that works exceptionally well with Buzz Wax… create a dark wax that’s as dense as you need. Can also be added to Finishing Cream to create an aging glaze, or sprinkled on top of wet wax for a more textured effect. Add to paint to create custom colours. 



Here’s our very talented stockist Paula from Fairy Chic Emporium in Poole, Bournemouth

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g

Grunge (black), Rust (orange brown), Earth (dark brown), Moon (White), Verdigris (green)

5 reviews for Instant Decay

  1. Amanda Speller (verified owner)

    Wow what can I say. I’m totally in love with this. Used on a small ornate frame over lagoon and the detail just popped right out!! I applied using my finger, it’s so easy and a pot will last ages as a little goes along way

  2. Lynette Illingworth

    Amazing product!!! Used it on an ornate moulding on a drawer from a dresser I’m painting! Made the detail stand out while giving it an aged look and was very easy to apply!

  3. Linzi Buckmaster (verified owner)

    Arrived less than 24 hours after placing order- very speedy! The Instant decay is great , you only need a little to add fantastic depth to mouldings. Gives a really aged looking finish – I recommend.

  4. Melanie Wainwright (verified owner)

    First time using this product, but quickly found how easy and versatile it is. Used it to “grunge” up a key cabinet I was working on. Pleased with result.

  5. Margaret Bates (verified owner)

    Not had chance to use instant decay yet,,but I’ve seen how it brings things to life ,got lots of projects to use it on ,will be posting my pics when I’m done ,,,

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