Limited Edition Gift Set

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Our Limited Edition Gift Set contains 3 x 100ml of Vintage Rocks Limited Edition colours*, a 1″ Smoothing Brush, a painted Original Paint Chart and and painted Artisan Collection Paint Chart.

These products, bought separately, would cost £20.00.

What are Limited Edition colours?

These colours have been made in very small batches to experiment with colour mixing and some have been created following a “happy accident”  … i.e. a beautiful colour has emerged but not the exact one that was intended! They are all made with our renowned formula and colourants so you can be sure of an excellent product. We must point out though that we don’t usually keep the recipes for these colours on record so once they’re gone … they are gone!

Each 100ml pot will provide enough paint to finish one chair (approximately)

Don’t forget that once painted, your piece will need protecting with Finishing Cream or Buzz Wax

*Colours may vary


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