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Liquid Kohl is one of the most versatile products in the Vintage Rocks range.

The formula is slightly different to our normal chalky paint.  It’s more fluid, making it ultra flat for a clean, crisp look and is highly pigmented, giving a solid tone.

Use Liquid Kohl as an additive to Vintage Rocks Chalky Paint to mix your own custom colours.

At the moment, Liquid Kohl is only available in Blackout, a pitch black but new variations will be coming soon.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this product but we challenge you to experiment and come up with your own ideas too.


Paint a piece of furniture all over for a matt, velvety feel.

Dresser painted in Liquid Kohl by The Little Hair Shop. Fits in perfectly with their cool, black and grey interior.


Use on a piece of furniture that can be labeled and relabeled with chalk.  This chest of drawers should make it easy for little ones to tidy their clothes away!

Click here for tutorial

Chest of drawers that can be chalked on for easy labelling.



Paint a whole wall in your home for a dramatic effect that can also be used for writing notes.

Kitchen wall given chalkability with VR Liquid Kohl


Give the kids something to scribble on in their playroom or bedroom by painting a wall with Liquid Kohl.

Wipe away any scribbles on Liquid Kohl walls.


Or, if you don’t fancy painting a whole wall, then paint a table top or desk instead.

Use Liquid Kohl on a table top.


Paint details on furniture to give them an edgy, contemporary look.

Details on a cocktail cabinet painted with Liquid Kohl and finished with Buzz Wax.


Add outlining and decorative details to projects with an artist brush and Liquid Kohl.

Paisley and animal printed painted with Liquid Kohl.


Liquid Kohl Blackout contrasts amazingly against Whiteout.

The Vintage Rocks mascot, Rocky, with Liquid Kohl saddle and Whiteout legs and rocker.


Add a strip of Liquid Kohl to wine glasses so you know which one to sip from.

Glasses dipped in Liquid Kohl


Or even label mugs

Use Frog Tape to get a crisp line and apply Liquid Kohl to bottom half of mug.

There must be loads of other ways you could use Vintage Rocks Liquid Kohl.  Imagine a coat of Finishing Cream in Gloss for a high shine look.  

Let us know what creations you come up with and get them featured on this page.


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Weight 2 g

750ml, 100ml

9 reviews for Liquid Kohl

  1. Sue Percival (verified owner)

    What a versatile product , I really love it!

  2. julie Harkness (verified owner)

    What can i say about the kohl … its an amazing paint that just goes on so smooth, so easy to apply and a tin goes a long way, its become my main accessory in my paint collection as i love to do black and white strips, im in love with Kohl !!!

  3. laura taylor (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. Goes on quickly and easily, looks amazing. I can easily see this becoming my new favourite product.

  4. Sarah Shephard (verified owner)

    Very impressed with Liquid Kohl. It is by far the best black paint I’ve used on furniture, ever. Absolutely no brush marks when dry. Brilliant.

  5. Sarah Shephard (verified owner)

    Fabulous product and I’m now a definite convert from varnish to VR finishing cream. It goes on a dream.

  6. Figgy (verified owner)

    Liquid Kohl..The best black paint i have ever used. When it says means black not dark grey like other paint companies.

  7. Figgy (verified owner)

    One of my new favourite products..the instant decay. I love the dramatic effects it produces, more striking than using black wax and a little goes a long way.

  8. Sally Bullimore

    The most fantastic coverage, I’ve used it on furniture and to make chalk board signs. If I could, I would paint everything black the finish is so great and it looks so stylish.

  9. Gail Egan (verified owner)

    Liquid Kohl is amazing paint. Easy to use, fantastic coverage and goes a long way. I’m in danger now of repainting everything!

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