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Are you considering becoming a chalk paint stockist?

There are so many reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint Stockist …

Vintage Rocks furniture paint products are getting AMAZING reviews.  Out of the hundreds of people that have tried our “no prime, no sand” paint, 99.9% of people have said it is their absolute favourite furniture paint yet!  Now, with all the chalky type furniture paint products on the market at the moment, that’s something we don’t mind bragging about!

It’s brilliant news for our retailers because you know that your customers will keep coming back for more!  Happy customers are repeat customers 😉

So let’s point out some of the other reasons why it’s an amazing idea to become A Vintage Rocks chalk paint stockist.


Great exposure

chalk paint stockist

Just like you, we LOVE social media! There’s nothing more satisfying for us to see our hashtags #vintagerocks and #vrpaint popping up all over Facebook and Instagram.  You promote us and we’ll do the same for you.  Our online presence is growing quickly and we want our retailers to benefit from that exposure too.

We’re getting bloggers on board, lifestyle magazines and watch this space for a few celebs trying out Vintage Rocks paint too!  We are constantly on the look out for local and national PR opportunities.  We’ve already started to see retailers requesting to stock our products because that’s what their customers are asking for. Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




Tried and tested system

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Running a pilot scheme with 5 retailers since the beginning of the year has given us the opportunity for us to record, in detail, what works and what doesn’t work.  We’ve fine tuned our customer service, our packaging, our financial systems and so much more so that our retailers will benefit from a slick operation.

We’re constantly seeking feedback from our retailers and our customers so you can rest assured that any problems that do arise will be quickly resolved. Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




Fantastic support

 chalk paint stockist

We’re here for you as much as you’re there for us.  We will take you on as part of the team and give you all the guidance and training you need.  Whether that’s in using the products, selling the products or marketing the products.

You will have access to an exclusive, private Facebook Group, where you can chat with other retailers and share your experiences and invaluable tips.

We love to recognise the efforts of our retailers and we’ll soon be forming a Reward Scheme to show you just how much we care! Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




An amazing formula

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We have already touched on this at the beginning but you can be assured that Vintage Rocks paint is absolutely environmentally friendly with extremely low VOCs (nasties) and is made to exacting standards in a specialised paint factory in Gloucestershire.  Our colour matching is spot on, our formula is smooth, easy to use and the coverage is second-to-NONE. It has just the right amount of chalkiness to give a beautifully distressed look without being clumpy or drying too fast.  

Testimonials from Vintage Rocks folk that have tried our paint say that, it’s now their favourite furniture paint of ALL TIME!

This is great news for retailers as it means that your customers will keep coming back for more! Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




Not just paint

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Our product range is consistently growing. By the end of 2016 we are predicting that we will have at least 5 more products under the Vintage Rocks umbrella for you to stock.  Not only does this offer your customer versatility when up-cycling furniture but it also gives you up-selling opportunities and, as a retailer, you will already know that up-selling is key to making money.

Let us know what your customers are asking for and we’ll try our best to get it on your shelves! Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




Reliable deliveries

chalk paint stockist

Stockists within our catchment area, will  receive their paint orders direct from the factory, on their transport.  This means that we can guarantee that the paint will reach you intact! Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …

(*to stores within our catchment area)




Eye-catching brand

chalk paint stockist

We have put a lot of time and effort into creating a brand that doesn’t look fussy.  We wanted our paint to look funky and colourful and really stand out from the crowd.  It looks good in the pot and even better on your shelves.  Your customers will definitely be curious about what’s in those little pots of gorgeousness. Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




Good profit making opportunity

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With some products, by the time you’ve paid for postage, written off stock that you couldn’t sell and spent time dealing with miscommunication, the profit margin that you were planning on gradually shrinks and before you know it you’re not making as much money as you first thought.  We have good margins to pass on to you and the more you sell the more you will be rewarded.  With free delivery and lots of other products to include in one sale, we’re sure you’ll be more than pleased that you decided to become a stockist. Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …


chalk paint stockist

We all know that a little competition can be healthy but not if that competition is stocking exactly the same product as you, at exactly the same price point, just down the road.  We understand that having a retailer too close wouldn’t be good for you, or us.  That’s why we will ensure that there’s a good 5 miles between any two retailers. Other reasons to become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint stockist …




Easy to order

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As a retailer, you can order through our website whenever you need to.  You will have your own account with wholesale prices clearly visible on each product. Just log in and add everything you need to your online basket. Replenish your stock, with ease, whenever you need to.  

Whilst logged into your account, you also have access to a record of all previous orders placed and lots more features to help you will be coming very soon.


Become a Vintage Rocks Chalk Paint Stockist.


Our perfect stockist …

We are currently seeking some very special independent retailers to showcase our products.

  • Do you paint furniture?
  • Do you hold furniture painting or craft workshops?
  • Do you share your pieces on social media .. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest?

If you’d like to find out more about stocking our products then complete the contact form below and we’ll have a chat with you about what we can offer your business.