The House of Vintage Rocks Swish and Sip Event

Stop shopping, start swapping and save the planet!

Not only will you be saving unwanted clothes from landfill but you’ll also be experiencing guilt-free retail therapy!

Bring along 1 – 10 items of good quality, laundered clothing that you no longer want and in exchange we will give you tokens to use as swapping currency.

Each piece of clothing will be assigned a value … 1, 2 or 3 tokens, dependent on the brand and condition of the piece.

Examples …

1 token: Primark, Peacocks, George, Florence and Fred, TU, New Look

2 tokens: Topshop, Monsoon, Marks and Spencer, All Saints, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Mango

3 tokens: Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Christian Louboutin 

Swap and Chop.

As well as conventional swapping, we will also be offering an alteration service for clothes of your own or clothes that you have just swapped. Two experienced dressmakers will be on hand to give you advice about what can be achieved to customise your clothing and will be able to give a price and timescale.

Swish and Sip.

To enhance your retail experience, refreshments will be available, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, nibbles and cake.

The Big Drop.

We will be taking delivery of your items on the following dates/times:

[insert dates and times here]

At this particular event, we will be swishing women’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories (no men’s or children’s clothing)

Please ensure that all items must be in a good condition, something that has shrunk, is stained or needs repairing (e.g. missing buttons, broken zips, loose sequins or beading, rips, tears, fabric pulls or holes, bobbly bits, disintegrating seams or hems, lint or fluff) will not be accepted.

We will also not be able to accept pierced jewellery, nightwear, swimwear and underwear including socks.

We will exchange your items for clothing to “spend” on the day of the event.

Swap til you drop.

On Thursday 9th May, the event will commence at 6.30pm and continue until 9.00pm. Please arrive at the House of Vintage Rocks no earlier than 6.00pm. Remember to bring your allocated tokens with you. Each item will be labelled with the token value and you will need to take the item(s) and tokens to the cash in desk. Unfortunately, we are not able to take items on the day so please ensure that you have brought in clothing on one of the drop off dates stated above.



Persons taking part in a Swishing event do so at their own risk.

Vintage Rocks Limited accepts no responsibility for items swapped and gives no warranty as to the condition, suitability or provenance of any item swapped.

Please take all reasonable measures to check the condition, suitability and provenance of any item swapped for your own protection.

Vintage Rocks Limited accepts no liability for any claim or loss resulting from any transaction taking place at the Swishing event