Vintage Rocks would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU. It has been a great year, one where we started to showcase our furniture on our facebook page and was met with an astounding response, beyond our wildest dreams.

We have learned new skills, met some great people and realised that we can make a successful business out of something we LOVE! We couldn’t have done it without you. You, our customers, FB likers, Instagram followers, and Pinterest Pinners have given us the inspiration and ideas we need so we can continue to bring pre-loved furniture back to life and bring a bit of uniqueness to your homes.

Furniture has been bought to upcycle, we’ve been commissioned by you to renovate your furniture. painted pieces on site surrounded by other tradespeople and even painted the inside of Emma’s car (unintentionally 😉

We look forward to continuing to share our pieces with you with brand new ideas for 2015

Here’s a look back at some of our work in 2014 …