How to stop bleed through with chalk paint
If you’re an experienced furniture painter then there’s no doubt that you have already come across the dreaded “bleed-through”. And normally when you were least expecting it.  If you’re a newbie to furniture painting then you’ll want to keep reading because, at some point, the pesky bleed-through may raise it’s […]

How to STOP bleed through when using chalk paint

how to create blackboard drawers
Here’s how to create blackboard drawers, very easily, very quickly and very cheaply with Vintage Rocks Liquid Kohl in Blackout. Make a useful and funky set of drawers for a child’s bedroom or playroom. The Vintage Rocks Liquid Kohl in Blackout creates the perfect surface to write on with chalk so […]

How to create Blackboard Drawers with Vintage Rocks Liquid Kohl

weathered look
An old brown box that I bought at Beaulieu Auto Jumble last year, had been sitting in the workshop, buried under a pile of other boxes and suitcases.  Out of sight and out of mind until a lovely lady from Gloucester came in to have a browse. She uncovered the shabby, battered box and took […]

Create a weathered look with Vintage Rocks Paint

How to paint Ikea furniture
I’ve been asked a lot lately how to paint Ikea furniture, especially those shiny, melamine type finishes that appear in the Expedit, Kallax, Malm and Lack ranges. If you’ve already done a Google search “how to paint Ikea furniture” then you’ve probably come across lots of tutorials showing you how […]

How to paint Ikea furniture without sanding or priming

I’m just painting a dark coloured wardrobe with Raincloud and wanted to show you how well the paint covers. No priming, no sanding. https://instagram.com/p/2c_SPaNZJ3/ So, if you haven’t already bought some Vintage Rocks paint then do it, try it … Sample pots are only £3 and I might do free […]

A little demo of our paint