Vintage Rocks Comes to Light Fantastic

Imagine this … you’ve just been out on a Saturday afternoon shopping trip and picked up a bargain little vanity dressing table but you’ve used up your last little bit of Vintage Rocks furniture paint to upcycle it with?! It’s so frustrating because you just want to crack on with it straight away, right?

Well, now you can because … Light Fantastic in Lydney are now stocking our full range of products and, as you know they’re even open on a Sunday!

This is an exciting step for us, giving our local town access to Vintage Rocks products 7 days a week.

And who doesn’t find themselves down Light Fantastic at least once or twice over the weekend anyway hey?! I know I practically live down there!

This is part of a 3 month trial so if you want LF to be a permanent stockist then vote with your feet and get in there 😉

Light Fantastic DIY Ltd
6A Forest Rd, Lydney GL15 5LB
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