Vintage Rocks moves paint production to larger factory

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ollowing the surge of furniture paint sales we saw during 2015,  we needed to find a supplier that could make our paint to meet demand.

Vintage Rocks Paint Chart

Meeting the Team

I’m delighted to say that we found the perfect solution.  A factory that can manufacture our exact formula and colourways and is large enough to supply the volumes that we now need.

The new team have come up with the perfect paint formula.  In fact they’ve managed to come up with a “new improved” recipe so that the paint is now more “sandable” and “chalky”.  Just what you said you wanted!

We decided to stick with the original palette of colours.  Wendy was very meticulous in getting the tone and shade exactly right.

The paint making dream team


I don’t like it … I LOVE it!

Sat there at the boardroom table, pouring over the different variations felt like we were short-listing the X Factor semi-finalists!  The final recipes were decided upon and the mixing commenced.




And they even let me have a go …



The Tour

I was given a tour of the factory by owner Richard Townsend.  It was so interesting for me to see how much work actually goes into making the Vintage Rocks Furniture Paint.  From getting the formula exactly right, to mixing the paint and then colouring it to exacting standards.  And even though they were really busy they gave me very warm welcome and took the time to answer all of my, sometimes daft, questions!  I learned a lot from everyone, it was an invaluable experience.

The guys that will be making the paint

The guys that will be making the paint



I even managed to get a couple of Instagram photos out of it! This is the “Paint Tree” where all of the remnants of paint get sloshed on to.  This has been created from 6 years of leftovers and the great big mess I made on my mat whilst mixing the perfect shade of Lagoon …What a work of art!

So now … the team and I are ready, willing and able to take your orders.

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