Create a weathered look with Vintage Rocks Paint

An old brown box that I bought at Beaulieu Auto Jumble last year, had been sitting in the workshop, buried under a pile of other boxes and suitcases.  Out of sight and out of mind until a lovely lady from Gloucester came in to have a browse. She uncovered the shabby, battered box and took to it straight away. She asked me if I could paint it and she gave me free reign, saying that she’d like something a bit different and her favorite colour is blue! I got to work.  Taking inspiration from a recent trip to the seaside, I wanted to create a weathered look, like an old beach hut and came up with this painting technique using 6 different colours of Vintage Rocks chalky furniture paint:

How to create a weathered look

  1. Tip a little bit of each colour onto it’s own plate.  Use disposable, paper plates if you don’t want to have to wash them afterwards.
  2. Dip a wide bristle brush (3-4 inches) into a 3 or 4 of the colours
  3. Apply the paint in long strokes so that you get streaks of colour
  4. Take a wooden knife or something similar and gently scrape some of the paint away from the surface
  5. Repeat the process, using different colour combinations to build up layers until you’re happy with the effect
  6. Finishing with a coat of Buzz Wax  or Finishing Cream in Matt if using indoors or use an outdoor lacquer if using outdoors.


From battered, boring, brown box to …Beachey Beaut



Watch the video to see the weathered look taking shape:



My client loved the weathered look I created and I’m sure you will love it to.  Can be used on small pieces like a little jewellery box of why not try on a piece of furniture.  It would make a great addition to a seaside inspired bathroom for example.

What are you planning on painting using the weathered look technique? If you’re looking for something to paint then let us know and we can add you to our “Wish List”