We’ve been Vee Dubbing … Bristol Volksfest

I’ve always loved VW’s and the camaraderie that goes with the whole scene. If you own a VW, you know you’ve got mates that dig the same things as you.

Bristol Volksfest brings all of those things and more together and I’m so glad we took the family as there was so much for all of us to enjoy.

Whilst the kids were bombing down inflatable slides and opening up the throttle of the mini campers

Danny was swooning over the plethora of vehicles featured in the ‘Show and Shine’

Show and Shine



I was in my element mooching around all of the vintage finds.


There were some amazing vehicles that had been restored to a very shiny, perfect standard but my faves were the ones that were a bit grungy … rat look rocks.


And I think I may have found my perfect delivery vehicle …. Just need to sell a bit more paint before I can afford it!

pick up truck


Or maybe this little beaut of a Caddy …


It’s not quite grungy enough for my liking though.  Did a quick google search and believe it or there is a tutorial which shows you how to make rust! Get the rat look!

So now I’ve got Danny hunting eBay for my perfect (or not so perfect) delivery van … a bay or a caddy … but definitely grungy 😉

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